Sankarshan Das Adhikari
Lecture-Travel Schedule for 2017

Explaining the Krishna Consciousness Science
16 October 2007 in Riga, Latvia

19 January to Houston for NA Leaders's Meetings
21 January to Austin
12 March Celebrate Gaura Purnima in Austin
29 March Depart Austin for Copenhagen,  Denmark
30 March Arrive in Copenhagen
3 April Depart Copenhagen
4 April Arrive in Delhi transit to Vrindavan
5 April Rama Navami in Vrindavan
20 April Travel from Vrindavan to Pune, India
25 April Depart Pune for flight to London
26 April Travel from London to Riga, Latvia
3 May Travel to Kaunas, Lithuania
4 May Klaipeda, Lithuania
5 May Kaunas, Lithuania
15 May Evening Lecture, Helsinki
16 May Helsinki to Austin, Texas USA
30 May Depart for London
31 May Two Evening Lectures in London (tentative)
1 June Depart for Mauritius
2 June Arrive in Mauritius
10 June To Pretoria, South Africa
13 June Depart for Kuala Lumpur
14 June Arrive in Kuala Lumpur
21 June Depart for Melbourne, Australia
22 June Arrive in Melbourne
29 June Depart for and arrive in Los Angeles, California USA
1 July to Austin, Texasa USA
2 August Jhulana Yatra (Radha Krishna Swing Ceremony) begins
7 August Jhulana Yatra Ends
15 August Janmastami in Austin
16 August Srila Prabhupada Vyasa Puja in Austin
24 August Depart for London
26 August Depart for Sofia, Bulgaria
27 August To Aheloy, Bulgaria
29 August Radhastami in Aheloy, Bulgaria
30 August Drive to Sofia, Bulgaria
31 August Fly to London
1 September Fly and drive to Kaunas, Lithuania
8 September Drive to Riga, Latvia
15 September Drive to Tallinn, Estonia
18 September Boat to Helsinki
19 Septemer Fly to Delhi, India
20 September Fly to Kolkata,India--Taxi to Mayapur
27 September Fly to Delhi, India
2 October Taxi to Vrindavan
14 October Sankarshan Das Adhikari Vyas Puja in Vrindavan
23 October Srila Prabhupada's Disappearance Day in Vrindavan
2 November Pune, India
6 November Fly from Mumbai, India to London, UK
7 November Fly from London to Austin, Texas USA
5 December Fly from Austin to London
6 December Two Evening Lectures at Bhaktivedanta Manor (tentative)
7 December To Mauritius
16 December To Pretoria, South Africa
Remainder of Year to be announced
Chant Hare Krishna and relish the pure bliss of devotion!